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About Mandarin Kung Fu

Mandarin Kung Fu is an "application" martial art that is designed to disarm and stop one or multiple attackers with a single sequence of moves. The system is fluid utilizing punches, kicks, throws as well as seven different animal styles to "create immense physical power."  The animal styles are bear, tiger, mongoose, crane, mantis, cobra, and dragon  Each animal constitutes a complete martial art, but it is the combination of all of the arts that makes Mandarin Kung Fu so powerful.

The art, originally used to protect Mandarin Royalty is taught to students so that they may protect themselves against "predators" in the street where a "predator" may use anything against their intended victim. It is not a tournament style martial art.

Students not only learn to effectively defend but also gain real confidence, health benefits, balance, and discipline that will aid in all areas of everyday life.

Mantis Kung Fu

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